Empowerment of self awareness is the most important activity Patrice Fortune offers individuals she serves. She is therefore committed to seeking optimized service of responsible compassion and sensitivity of diverse populations. Patrice Fortune’s interaction with individual’s she serves encourages the highest level of autonomous self exploration through reciprocity of the therapeutic relationship. Further, the uniqueness of her expertise developed through life experience, educational accomplishments, and skilled professional practices are the most valuable resources Patrice Fortune draws on as she engages with those she serves. Patrice Fortune’s commitment to enriching life begins with her passion for illuminating the wisdom within each individual as they actualize their full potential through an inward journey increasing awareness of self. In an effort to respond to the ever-changing environmental and individual needs, Patrice Fortune participates in continuing education opportunities within her areas of expertise. The aforementioned are the commitments, values, and resources that guide the optimization of service Patrice Fortune offers


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