The key concepts of Illuminate, Empower, Renew, Enrich, and Wellbeing are essential elements to celebrating life

Encouragement of constructive self-awareness assists with dissolving obstacles to personal growth and satisfying relationships. Artfully combined to provide the necessary elements, it re-inspires passion in life through intuitive development.

Working reciprocally with you, highly actionable, individual-specific plans are developed that transform your life, empowering you to get the life you want. These help you achieve your goals by clarifying your values, creating your unique vision of success and happiness, and aligning your outer world with your thinking.

Sustainable change is achieved through development of internal motivation and mind/body synchronicity. Exclusive assessment intensive interventions help renew quality of self, relationship, and activity.

All of your treatment is uniquely balanced to enhance personal growth while at the same time affording opportunities to nurture meaningful connections. The self-awareness you develop will allow you to enrich the quality of your life and relationships within it.

Patrice Fortune helps you develop inner-calmness, self-awareness, and self-acceptance achieved through a harmonious relationship between your emotions, thoughts, and actions. She aims to assist you with stress reduction thereby increasing a greater sense of balance in your life, maximizing your innate potential for creativity, professional success, and personal growth.


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